Why is Measure A NEEDED Now?


Alameda County is facing a childcare CRISIS. The crisis is real and growing. Limited access to safe, affordable, quality child care and early education is taking its toll on families, educators, and communities across our county. Research shows that a child’s brain develops most dramatically during the first five years of life, yet over half of our children do not arrive to school kindergarten ready because they did not get access to quality childcare and/or early education prior to kindergarten. Who had input into Measure A? More than 100 LISTENING sessions engaging over 1,000 stakeholders took place throughout the county over the past year. Pediatric doctors and nurses, early educators and childcare providers, parents, pre-school and kindergarten teachers, children’s advocates and many other interested community members took part in helping to shape the solution to our childcare crisis provided in Measure A. My children are grown and gone (or I don’t have children). Why should I vote YES? We will all benefit from the return on this investment. Every child deserves to get a good start in life. But today OVER HALF of Alameda County’s kindergarteners arrive unprepared to succeed in school. Taking this step will benefit children, families, communities and taxpayers across our county. Studies have shown that investing in quality early education yields a high return on investment of up to 13%—that’s $819 million annually for Alameda County or $8.2 billion over 10 years.

Thousands of Alameda County children are on waiting lists for child care and early education programs.

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